12. Get my nose (re) pierced

I’ve recently developed a really un-ladylike, embarrassing problem: I snore.

Last night I drove about six hours from Los Angeles back to Berkeley and I had a lot of time to think.  I wondered, if I take my nose piercing out, might it stop me from snoring?  Only one way to find out.

Daniel slid the stud out gently before we went to sleep and I didn’t think about it until the next morning as I tried and failed to make paleo pancakes.  They wound up being more like banana flavored scrambled eggs, but I digress.  He cleaned the stud off and then looked on my nose.. and looked.. and looked… and didn’t see the hole.

After some poking around, we found it only to discover that the stud would only slid in halfway.  So there I was, standing in my kitchen, scrunching up my face like a chipmunk while Daniel had one finger up my nose as he tried to slide the stud in with the other.  No luck.

So now you know: a nose piercing will close up in less than twelve hours.  Tomorrow I’ll be paying the heavily pierced lady at the downtown Oakland tattoo parlor another visit.

Oh, and I’m STILL snoring.