Boat Thoughts (Stream of Consciousness Style!)

I watched the sun set over the marina a few minutes ago.  It started to get chilly so I moved inside, flipped on a lamp and curled up on the couch/bed.  I spend a lot of my time doing work in my bed anyway so this setup seems ideal.

There’s a barely perceptible rocking motion that I’m still not used to.  My brain is like, WHAT IS THIS.  WHY ARE WE FAILING TO CONTROL OUR MOTION, BODY.  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

The live aboard lifestyle would definitely be a change for me.  I’m already a minimalist but this would be extreme survivor style minimalism.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  But my life is pretty comfortable right now the way it is and hey, remember how I know absolutely nothing about sailing?  Right.

I like the way the air smells here.  It’s not salt water but the bay has a certain aroma that I can pick up after I cross fourth street headed towards the pedestrian bridge over I-80.

And the birds.  Ducks, egrets (?), seagulls smashing oysters (?) on the dock.  Maybe someday I’ll find the birds irritating.  But for now, it’s a nice soundtrack to a peaceful night.


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