Weather, or a lack thereof

It’s fall, even in California.  Last October I barely noticed fall; the leaves changed, the air grew crisper, but it was almost Christmas before we turned on the heat.

This year fall seems more present.  Last night when I was riding back from the gym it was in the low fifties/high forties, people were bundled up (YES, bundled up!!) and I decided to ride home in a sleeveless top and jeans.  It felt good, cruising downhill towards home, cool air on my arms.  This is close to the coldest it will ever get out here, with the exception of some especially chilly, rainy days.

It’s strange to think that I might not have another real fall for the next four years.  It’s days like yesterday when my friends here point at me and say “You are DEFINITELY headed back east once you’ve graduated.”  Who can say for sure?   I just hope I don’t wind up making a rash decision and moving to, say, Montana in search of some real weather.


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