3. Go without Facebook for a month [The Conclusion]

So it’s been approximately one month, perhaps a little more, since I shuttered my facebook.

To break it down quantitatively…


Number of Facebook friends: ~255

Number of friends I text/talk to on a near-daily basis:  8

Number of distant friends who contacted me after realizing I left Facebook: 2


I was hoping to come up with a few more numerical measurements, but I’m at a bit of a loss due to a severely fried brain (thanks, STS reading!)  However, the conclusion that I’m trying to get at is that while I no longer have hundreds of ‘friends’ within reach, the ones I do talk to regularly are the kinds of people I would share almost anything with.

The other reason I wanted to step away from Facebook was due to all the time I spent self-fashioning and making sure my public persona matched the person that I want myself to be.  It seemed like a lot of work, this process of getting people to like and/or admire me, and generally not worth my time.  This turned out to be true, although I realized that we all tinker with our identities in different ways both on and offline to make them conform to what we perceive as our inner selves.

I also waste much less time checking Facebook on my phone and, as a result, feel a little bit more connected to the world around me.  Making eye contact with and talking to strangers, what a novel concept!  I still usually have my headphones in while I’m walking, but I like to think that not constantly having my nose buried in my phone has made me more approachable and social.

Things that I feel I’m missing out on: photos of friends (especially my friend’s adorable kids!), events (I’ve missed a few since the invite was only on Facebook) and access to my own photos, some of which reside solely on Facebook.

I haven’t reactivated my account yet because I still don’t feel the need to do so.  When I feel like it’s really hampering my enjoyment of life (unlikely) I’ll return.



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