3. Go without facebook for a month

Three or so weeks in and I’m still facebook-free.

I’ve had two people this week suddenly notice my absence from Facebook which is apparently cause for concern.  Like, am I okay?  I love how quitting social media is the new first symptom of a mental breakdown.*

I know a few people who have ‘rage-quit’ from facebook, always posting statuses about “wanting to free their lives of drama” by leaving social networking “forever”.  That’s definitely not what I’m doing.  I didn’t use Facebook much to begin with, but it was a huge time suck when I did.  Furthermore, it didn’t help me feel any more connected to my friends.  If anything, I felt less connected, less compelled to text or email or call to ask what’s up, because I had their daily happenings right there on my newsfeed.

I thought I’d be excited for the month to be over but I’m actually rather indifferent.  Maybe I’ll return, maybe… I won’t.  What a possibility.


* But I am touched that people care about my feelings and all that jazz.


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