The nine-to-five

Before I started graduate school I had this really crazy idea.

I thought that, no matter what, if I worked a solid eight hour day I would be able to survive (nay, thrive!) in graduate school.

Ha. HAH.

Not even close.

Last semester I couldn’t maintain that sort of schedule due to studio.  This semester teaching is chewing away at the majority of my time.  It’s supposed to take up 20 hours a week as per union regulations, but sometimes I find myself going the extra mile for students, doing things well and not just to get them done, and unintentionally pushing aside my own research in the process.

Anyway, my point is that my day went something like this:

9:40 am-12:30 pm:  Seminar

12:30 pm-1pm: Prep for teaching, devour lunch

1pm-3pm: Teach

3pm-6pm: Unwind, grade a few proposals/type notes, take the bus home from campus

6pm-7pm: Dinner

7pm-8pm: Grey’s Anatomy because dangit, it’s still Friday and I need mindless television to keep my brain from revolting. Typed more notes to keep myself busy while it was on.

8pm-9pm: Read articles for seminar paper.

and that brings us to right now, as I sit here debating if I should finally try and finish Barnes’ T.S Kuhn and Social Science or if I should just call it a night because right now, that’s a twelve hour day (with about 2 hours worth of breaks).

But I’m honestly not sure how I can make more time for paper research this semester.  Just completing all my tasks for GSIing, plus reading for seminar, plus little projects and assignments, makes me want to come home and collapse at the end of the day.  I like the research I’m doing and find it truly fascinating but is it really impossible to do everything and do it well?


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