7. Take one weekend adventure per month [September, Las Vegas]


I had this crazy idea not too long ago.  It goes something like this: if I do absolutely no work all weekend, I won’t be badly prepared for the week.  I won’t fail out of my program.  The earth won’t crash into the sun, et cetera, et cetera.

So Friday afternoon, after teaching two completely awesome sections on the Pantheon, Brannan and I set off on the eight+ hour drive through the California desert to Las Vegas.  Why Vegas?  Because we could.  Also because Brannan had a good deal on the rooms and we were ready for some debauchery.

We arrived at the Bellagio around 12:30 am, feeling much less tired than I had just an hour before in the car.  It’s something about the darkness and gentle motion of the car that just tires me out.  Instead of going to bed, we changed into some snazzy clothes and went downstairs for some drinking and gambling.

I didn’t get to bed until I’d been awake for almost 24 hours, which I’ll count as a successful first night in Vegas.


The next day I was a little hung over and bothered by how dry the air was (you never miss the humidity until it’s gone!) and we’d decided to do whatever we felt like without an itinerary, so the day consisted of exploring, napping for me and gambling for him, and finally awesome fancy dinner at Sensei.  The vegetarian options in Vegas are, surprise surprise, not great, but the tofu scallops that I got were amazing.


We’d planned on going out Saturday night, but after a couple of episodes of Adventure Time we decided to close our eyes for a bit, and… suddenly it was Sunday morning.  But it was the best night of sleep I’d had in a long time– maybe because the room was so dark, or because I was so tired, or the bed was comfortable.

Sunday morning we wandered around a bit more in search of breakfast and decided on the brunch buffet at one of the neighboring casinos.  The amount of choices was insane- quiche! crab legs! about a billion types of dessert!  I tried a tiny bit of everything.  So good.

And then it was another eight hour drive back through the desert.  This is definitely the longest weekend trip I plan on taking, but I felt incredibly relaxed on Monday morning.  Going back to work/school was much less painful, although I felt a little bad that I’d been off having fun while my friends/classmates worked.  Well, plenty of weekends for that, and life is short.



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