5. Try 25 new recipes (Oatmeal Cake)

It was movie night at the Thomas-Irwin-Spector residence.  I had gotten home a little later from work and was rushing around to make a cake while chatting on the phone with Andrea about our friend’s upcoming wedding.  By “upcoming”, we really mean “almost a year away”, but as bridesmaids I feel like it’s our duty to keep a constant level of giddy excitement.

I was trying this recipe from Pinterest, which should’ve been my first hint that I should tread carefully.  Have you ever seen that Pinterest fails blog?

My first mistake was using a smaller pan than the recipe called for. I figured this was no big deal, since I could just bake it longer and the slices would be taller.

I started getting nervous when the sides were getting crispy but the center still moved when I poked it.  Eh, no big deal.  I pulled it out of the oven just in time to let some friends in, and we chatted as it cooled.

When the time came to get it out of the pan, it was not cooperating.  I swear I sprayed the pan with a significant layer of oil but it wasn’t letting go.  When I finally did manage to slam it out, the pan took parts of the top off in chunks.  Very attractive.

I tried to cover the crappy looking parts with glaze while my roommate, Mark, looked on.

“What kind of icing is that?  Caramel?”

“It’s a GLAZE.” I snapped back, perhaps a little more snippily than I’d anticipated.  This was hysterical to my two friends, who pretty much died of laughter since.. well, glaze isn’t exactly a flavor.

It still tasted good, and I made everyone tell me that several times to make up for making fun of how it looked.


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