Twenty-Five before 25

  1. See the northern lights Compose a list of 28 things that I love
  2. Find the secret hot tubs on Essex Street
  3. Go without facebook for a month (or more..?)
  4. Read twenty-five novels/poetry collections/non-fiction-non-architecture books.  (Follow along on Goodreads)
  5.  Try twenty-five new recipes
  6.  Go on a multi-day hiking trip
  7.  Take one weekend adventure per month that involves leaving Berkeley and not doing anything school related.
  8. Start dancing again (Berkeley Ballet Theater)
  9. Learn how to play the guitar
  10. Run a half marathon.
  11. Take a photo a day for a month
  12. Get my nose pierced
  13. Host a sophisticated dinner party
  14. Attend a slam poetry event
  15. Fire a gun.
  16. Acquire the wardrobe essentials / stop buying clothing that can’t be worn in a variety of ways.
  17. Keep snowboarding!  Learn how to sail
  18. Buy a bathing suit.
  19. Go a week without complaining
  20. Practice mindful eating.
  21. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity — learn how to use tools! Be able to read architecture articles in Dutch
  22. Become more emotionally mature/aware and feel ready for a relationship.
  23. Call my mom once  per week.
  24. Learn self defense.
  25. Decorate my bedroom.

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