Sunset at the Emeryville Pier

I biked down to the Emeryville pier yesterday and caught the sunset.  Even with the ever-present fog, it was beautiful.

You can faintly see the outline of the city off beyond the bay bridge, although the only building I could pick out was the Transamerican pyramid.

It looks like  a storm rolling in, but in actuality it’s just the massive fog bank that seems to float over the bay no matter what the weather.  My phone’s camera isn’t usually very good at capturing colors, but you can see my favorite part- how the blue darkens from the horizon on up.

And then the lights turned on and you could see the traffic crossing the bridge, the city hazy through the fog and the port of Oakland to the south.  But when the wind came in I called it a night and went home to curl my fingers around a mug of green tea.


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